JINA App Drawer and Sidebar v 3.0.6ga changelog:

★ custom app name aliases as additional search keywords (drawer, sidebar, organizer, folders)
★ app drawer, sidebar and folders organizer background images 
★ folders frame user definable
★ several improvements on sidebar hotspots management
★ complete icon packs integration
★ android O optimization
★ performance and stability improvement
★ new keyboard blacklist management (default changed to OFF)
★ improved translations

★ enabled call contacts by a direct dial shortcut
★ new folders selector on 5+ (apk export)
★ sidebar hotspots on home only (def. off)
★ automatic blacklist sidebar hotspots on keyboard visible (def. on) 
★ rectangular hotspots always visible (opt.)
★ quick access playstore by context menu (drawer/folders) or from multi-sel toolbar (sidebar)
★ Jina quick launch icons can be toggled independently in favorites sidebar
★ much more....

Features requests and support: XDA Developers thread 

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