JINA is a perfect Sidebar and a faster App Drawer replacement, designed to help you to search, manage and organize your apps either automatically or by custom labels: 

★ organize and sort apps by size, name, usage frequency, install date, update date, usage, app store origin
★ quick launch sidebar, resizable and always accessible for multitasking and app search
★ fully customizable app drawer alternative
★ automatic app organizer for android
★ custom tags labels and app store categories based apps organizer
★ dynamic app folders on the home screen
★ totally customizable desktop folders
★ random game picker
★ apk export and share
★ fast app search, also with a T9 keyboard
★ apps uninstaller for rooted devices
★ the perfect appdrawer for MIUI roms

Features requests and support: XDA Developers thread 

JINA App Drawer works side by side with your favorite launcher as quick launch sidebar or as app drawer replacement, adding also automatic app folders to organize your android home.

As quick launch sidebar JINA let you access your apps from everywhere, just slide the edge of the screen to start the sidear. You can uninstall an app, also system apps if you have root, with a swipe.

As app drawer replacement, JINA provides tons of sort by criteria and customizable search options: the app you are looking for is always at your fingertip. JINA is perfect on MIUI roms as android launcher and app drawer

As app organizer, JINA automatically assign market categories and market prices info to installed apps, featuring advanced search functions.
Next to the categories, user defined Tags are also available, as additional, colored and flexible way, to organize your apps: you can assign as many tags as you want to each app and you can create an app folder for each tag or category. 
Batch functions are available to speed up your daily routine.
As app folder organizer, JINA let you create tag or category based app folders on your home screen. App folders are dynamic, new installed apps will be automatically labeled and put in the right app folder. Obviously the folder appearence is totally customizable: you can choose the size and color as well the app folder position in the home screen

All search functions are available in the quick launch sidebar as well in the full screen user interface.

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Additional features:
- app origin detection (Google, Samung, Amazon...)
- colored Tags to better organize your apps
- dynamic home screen app folder organizer
- drag and drop for category mapping
- batch functions to uninstall, share, tag, hide... apps
- always accessible sidebar resizable and zoomable 
- the sidebar content customizable (from the icon only to full information)
- app list Excel export
- installation charts
- uninstalls and updates tracking
- favourite apps
- customizable app icons (icon packs compatible)
- 4 themes with automatic switch to the dark one during the night
... and much, much more